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10 ml Ho Wood Essential Oil

Ancient Wisdom
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Latin Name : Cinnamomum Camphora Var. FlavescensPart Of Plant Used : WoodSource : ChinaExtraction Method : Steam Distillation

Ho Wood is one of the most potent sources of natural occurring linalool found in any steam distilled essential oil. Aromatically, Ho Wood Essential Oil is a beautifully fragrant wood oil.

Emotionally, given its linalool content, Ho Wood Essential Oil is a "peaceful" oil. It is calming and is a good choice when needing to relax or unwind.

The high amount of natural linalool in Ho Wood oil has wide aromatherapy benefits such as an aid for insomnia, antidepressant, immune stimulant, and helps generate new cell growth. This makes Ho Wood particularly interesting for anti-aging and mature skin care blends. its aroma is especially pleasing and calming when diffused for insomnia.