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1.5-2Kg Salt Aroma Lamp

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Himalayan Salt Aroma Lamp

Would you like a better quality of sleep? Are you looking to improve the air quality of your home? 

The wonders of Himalayan Salt Aroma Lamps are known worldwide for their therapeutic effects. These lamps are handmade using 100% Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock from Salt Mines in the Himalayas which are often used as a bedside table night lights, for meditation or used as a living room dim light. A perfect as an addition to any home! 

How To Use: 

Place a small amount of water and a few drops of your favourite fragrance oil into the top compartment of your Himalayan Salt Aroma Lamp. Heat from the bulb will warm up the oil and scents of your oil will fill the room. The Himalayan Salt will absorb the ions in the air, creating ultimate zen, calm and serenity.

Please note: 

Take care as Himalayan Salt Aroma Lamps 'sweat' when used. Sweating happens when their is a combination of poor air circulation, high humidity, and condensation. We recommend, if you don't want your Himalayan Salt Aroma Lamp to excessively sweat, please ensure the room is well ventilated. 

Cleaning your Himalayan Salt Aroma Lamp: 

Use a dry tissue or microfibre cloth to wipe down the outer surface of the salt rock. Do not submerge the salt rock in the water to wash. 

What You Get;

Salt Lamp (Approx 1.5-2kg)

Bulb Included

Plug & Switch Cable

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