Transparency FAQs

✅ Why does my Shipping cost more than £4.95?

Angelo's Outlet and its products are made up of four suppliers. Geko, Ancient Wisdom, Something Different and Qunubu. If your basket is made up of products from some or all of these suppliers, your shipping cost will be compiled as a flat rate, per supplier.

Some orders due to size, weight or expense are only possible with Tracked Delivery.

The highest shipping cost possible to pay is £19.50. £19.50 is possible if your basket total is compiled of Geko, Ancient and Something Different suppliers within one order. You are charged for delivery per supplier and not per item.

If your basket is made up of two suppliers (excluding Qunubu), your shipping cost could be as low as £9.90 or £13.00 for Express Tracked Delivery regardless of how many items.

The lowest shipping cost possible is purchasing a minimum basket total of £15 made up of Geko products. Qunubu is Free Delivery.

✅ Are you an Ethical Outlet?

Yes. 100% of Angelo's Outlet products are made of recycled, upcycled or sustainable materials. From Eco Bags to Upcycled Furniture.

✅ Do you care for the Environment?

Absolutely. Our Carbon Footprint is monitored to ensure our products can be sourced to UK Customers without damaging the environment by reducing our CO2 emissions where possible.

✅ Where in the world does Angelo's Outlet source their products?

Our furthest product comes from Bali. These items are shipped to the UK by cargo, not by air to one of the four distribution warehouses. 

Distribution warehouses in the UK are based in 4 locations; Sheffield, Swansea, Ashford (kent) and Newark. 

✅ What's Angelo's Outlet view on Veganic products?

The majority of our products contain no Animal product or by-product. Some items are made with genuine leather - these are our handbooks and some armchairs. If an item could be deceptively vegan but unsure, we will note in the description whether it is vegan friendly.

✅ When items are packaged ready for delivery, are you conscious of waste materials?

Definitely. Unlike other large commercial companies, Angelo's Outlet, is partnered with suppliers that use only what material is required for the packaging, fitting its dimensions.

✅ What Kind of Business is Angelo's Outlet?

From 19th October 2020, Angelo's Outlet is now a UK Registered Business at Companies House. Register Number: 12960598. Angelo's Outlet is a dropship trading business selling items for small margins, raising money for charity.

✅ What is Dropshipping?

Angelo's an online dropshipping outlet rebirthed in October 2020. The dropshipping method is where a store does not physically stock its warehouse of products to sell. 

Unlike wholesalers who purchase stock, store it and sell in a high-street shop as a retailer, Angelo's Outlet sources products directly from suppliers to sell to customers online under the brand name with minimum expense cost and preventing a loss of profit

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