My Spiritual Awakening: Collection Introduction

Since August of last year, I have become spiritually inspired. Spirituality or any types of religious following has not been something I've ever used as a bearing. Though, that's not to say I am yet to experience weird coincidences of fate.

Throughout the course of my existence so far, I have witnessed numerology coming through in the number 20.

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Surrounding lockdown, my loss of two jobs, a damaged knee, my fiance left me and my nan dying, more occurrences started to come about. I noticed my guide number 20 was living in all aspects of my life. The year 2020 is due to be challenging but, which direction it would go? All I did know about my year 2020 was that my biggest crash would peak in November 2020 although it will get better from there. This was brought to me in a tarot reading I attended at the end of 2019. Spookily to say, it came true!!!

It had been 20 years since the start of my troubled non-recent abuse, and I addressed this with the police and health professionals in the year 2020. August 20th to be precise. I confided in my quirky bird of-a-friend, Hannah, that evening, telling her about what happened to me and what I did earlier in the day. i.e. telling the police. Hannah allowed me to pour and pour my heart out until there were no more tears left; It gave me the courage to open up and talk more. I blimmin adore Hannah so much! 


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Hannah was (is still?) part of an all-female empowered affiliate program selling products for a company. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the business. All I do remember is, it had 11.11 inside its brand name! It was the first time I had seen 11.11 used. It left me perplexed as to what it meant but, I forgot to ask to understand. 

Hannah asked me if I wanted to join the affiliate program but, I had to bear in mind - I'd be the only male. I didn’t care for I was still interested if only they'd accept me. And they did! 

I acting out due to deteriorating mental health (later to be diagnosed as cPTSD). I was reliving memories that I had suppressed for many years due to approaching the police. It felt like I was wasting away in both health and mindfulness. I looked for any avenue that'll help me return to a way of earning and find a rhythm during UK covid-lockdowns.Was this my sign?  

I watched an introduction video where I met the owner of the business - she was lovely. She mentioned what 11.11 was and what this meant to her but, to be honest, it went in one ear and out the other. That’s not the girl's fault, that’s my ADHD.  

Subconsciously it felt like this was not the venture I was looking for, Hmmm. Then, like a light bulb eureka epiphany moment I thought, I should look at restarting my business venture instead of hopping onto someone else's. The start-up climate is growing and there are dropshipping companies I have discovered in the UK that will help to launch my brand quickly. 

And just like that, I realised. My introduction to this group of empowered women was not to join their affiliate program. It was to acknowledge the sign 11.11. My introduction to this group was the portal and inspiration for me to set up my own business. Off the back burner, Angelos Outlet was rebirthed!  

You might be thinking, why this blog topic? 

I feel everything I am now doing is within my spiritual calling. Within a week of being home and many milestone dates looming, 11.11 started to jump out at me in clocks.  

Reflection: Why today, after seeing 11.11 am for the third time in a week have I not used the moment for something powerful? I should have listened to the girl who owned that 11.11 business! Nevermind. 

What I have found on the internet recently is that; In Numerology and myth, 11:11 is the ‘prime’ wishing time. It represents a powerful opportunity to connect with your inner self to kick-start positive spiritual growth.  

I’ll take a bit of that, thank you!  

The number 11 represents instinct and is the most intuitive of all numbers.  

It is your connection to your subconscious, your gut feeling which helps you accomplish knowledge without rationality.” It’s also the number you'll often see when you’re about to experience a spiritual awakening.  

Reflection: Well bugger me, why have I let three opportunities of witnessing 11.11 am go away?  

Today, I have learned a valuable lesson. The next time 11.11 appears in my peripheral, use the moment to make a wish for progression I seek to achieve in my life. Acknowledging 11.11 and its beauty, I have launched the 11.11 COLLECTION where each item costs only £11.11! 


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