After the year we've had in Lockdown - we all deserve a break. To rejoice, to be together, as family and friends. To have a gift to unwrap, a smile to bear as we share heartwarming memories with loved ones.

For our First Christmas, Angelo's Outlet wants to bring the wholesomeness to life. This year we will be donating all 100% of our profits to these three incredible worthy charities while helping customers with incredible gift savings for other much needs costs.

The Terrence Higgins Trust 
The Maggie Oliver Foundation 
Crisis UK

How Does Our Campaign Work?

From 00:00 1 Dec 2020 until 23:59 24 Dec 2020 all items for sale on Angelo's Outlet will be structured as follows;

RRP: The Recommended Retail Price for the Consumer

We want customers to see how much products become inflated over the Christmas period and how much, Angelo's Outlet's recommended to set the price at as 'per each item' you see displayed. The RRP is the price at which the manufacturer recommends that the retailer sells the product. The intention is to help standardise prices among locations. 

As mentioned on our Q&A pages, Angelo's Outlet operates on a dropship business model. Dropship models tend to be hobbies for many who take on the venture. That is until it takes off. For Angelo, it's more than a hobby. It's a purpose. Angelo is a sole-trader with no employees, taking on every role imaginable to set up a new business spending many hours if not days on back end coding work and site optimising, cost calculating, and social presence to name but a few. But, none of this is known to him. It's researching and studying and learning with mistakes as he goes. All Angelo wants is to be his own boss, and create a fair, profitable business that is recognisable for the experience, support and value.

Saving: How much a Customer will Save this Christmas

The price you see in 'SAVE' is the amount you, the customer, are saving based on the RRP set (see example above).

Some items carry a low cost to produce but have high-profit margins. 

For example; 500 Raw Incense Sticks £2.08 to supply. Their RRP is £20.00. That's an increase of 300%! (Mindblown). 

So, if you're looking for Raw Incense Sticks, you've come to the right shop to buy!?

See below why.

Price/Cost: How much a Customer will pay this Christmas

The price of an item = Supplier Cost + 10%. 

A customer purchases an item as if the item has been purchased directly from the supplier. Instead of increasing the profit by the usual 20-60% profit margin, the margin will be 10% on top of supplier cost with the 10% being split evenly to three charities. This margin means ZERO profit for Angelos Outlet, with smooth transactions on each purchase during this period being Angelo's sole aim. 

There are also very few items that have a low cost and low margin. These very few come with little to no profit as we are only adding 10% on top of the supplier cost. You will know this is the case for an item, as you won't see any comparable SAVE price.

If you would like to donate, our recommendation is - do not buy these products if you wish to donate to charity. Still, want the item and would like to donate? See how below. 

Donations Within Checkout:

As mentioned above, your part in donating while saving is complete when you purchase an item. You don't need to complete the donations within check out section.

Or you might! It's your choice.

Angelo's Outlet will be making ZERO profit for the duration of the campaign. There is an additional donation section within the checkout should a customer wish to pay more for the items or, donate to Angelo's Outlet to keep us going. If you do, let us know where you would like the money to go by leaving a message for us in the comments box on the same checkout page. 

PayPal Only (Klarna Deactivated during Campaign)

During the Christmas period, we will be trialling a centralised payment method, using PayPal for our preferred customer payments. Centralising payments to Paypal allows us to receive direct payment for items so dispatching items become seamless as we can pay suppliers for the products instantly, whilst save aside remain profit for charity. 

Why not sign up for PayPal if you dont already have an account!

Charity Award Day

Leading up to Saturday Second of January 2021, Angelo will be collecting all monies owed, and splitting the collection three-ways with The Terrence Higgins Trust, Crisis UK and The Maggie Oliver Foundation. Once Awarded, proof of payment to charities will be displayed in a blog release and channelled through our social media pages, and website on the day. 

For general or press agency enquiries, please use our contact us form.


Any valid gift card holders will be given 1-month extension to spend their gift credit balance. We regret to inform that during our #AOCHARITY2020 campaign, it will not be possible to spend gift card balances on our store. 

All Discount Codes are disabled during our #AOCHARITY2020 campaign. This includes any previously valid promotions. If you hold a valid code, you will be able to use this code during our Boxing Day/January Sales.

All purchases are subject to payment for postage and packaging.

Any refunds and exchanges on purchases will continue to follow our standard Returns & Refund Policies. 


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