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Welcome to the first blog post for Angelo's Outlet and thank you for visiting my online store! 


Michael, Mickey, Mikey, Michelangelo - however you may know him - is owner of Angelo's Outlet.
For the start of this story, let’s just start with Mickey. Mickey started his employment journey in 2004 and took employment, working for a very well known brand with Golden Arches at the age of 16. During this time he was just finishing his GCSE exams and didn’t do too well leaving college.
Mikey found himself going through a turbulent but progressive, scaling career and has never found a true purpose in his life. Some other jobs have included being a Lifeguard, a Postal Sorter, a Civil Servant, a Carer, an International DJ, a NHS worker and even in Operations at an infamous Silicon Valley tech giant that helps you book a taxi!

Like a Chameleon, Mikey adapted and evolved himself and utilised his intuitiveness by making him transferable enough to remould and swing from one industry to another. However, there is one minor nip that Mikey finds himself hitting and takes him back to square one.
It's the feeling that he needs to be his boss and to break the cycle of being an employee to being the employer and a business owner.

After much deliberation, Michelangelo left the infamous US company and hoisted his sails to self employment.
Angelo's Outlet was born on 15th February 2020 and re-birthed on 20th September 2020. Damn, Covid. 

So, where to next?

Michelangelo - a name he now prefers to use - is taking all of his knowledge, his skills, experience, and his get-go attitude, and fusing them with creativity, innovation, transparency and altruistically, into something new and exciting all-together.
Whilst Angelo’s Outlet is a positive and exciting journey for Michelangelo to take, his fight for what he believe’s is honest, true has only just begun. He has no experience in start-up businesses. He has minimal knowledge in e-commerce, and minimal knowledge in running a shop and being self employed!

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So, Michelangelo has spent months/hours/days/nights on investment, education and research, and intends to turn his minimum experience into a mission statement:

~ We must all take risks, acknowledge our mistakes and accept our weaknesses. We can never succeed if we don't try. We can accomplish what we set out to achieve as long as we have perseverance and accountability in every fibre of our being ~ 

Michelangelo achieving success at Online Retail is one thing. Finding the inspiration and motivation within yourself to kick-off such a daring and exciting new adventure - whether or not you succeed - is another. It's the exciting zest for new adventures and horizons that spurs his inspiration and creativity. 
As one of his favourite children's toy companies, Lego, slogans say - the Possibilities are Endless!
Here is to the future, thank you for reading.
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xox Angelo's Outlet xox

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